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October 10, 2006

Off to the launch for Jonas in Montreal.

September 27, 2006

High time I updated my diary! I have been doing not updating and I apologize The time flashed by. Just returned from the shooting of "The Late Summer", in which I starred as Ann, shot on Gabriola Island, beautiful, serene and somewhat eerie surroundings. I think we ended up calling it Poo Island, sheep, donkeys, deer, hawks, eagles, geese. To be seen in 2007.

August, 2006

I spent the entire month in Montreal writing songs with and for Jonas. I love Montreal. Inspiration abounds and it is the nest of many creative beasts. The northern lakes are breathtaking. Ian Lee and myself were writing for his upcoming cd. Pranced around at the wedding of Boom in Saint Sauveur. I sometimes wish that fun like that didn't steals away into your memoirs much too rapidly.

July 8th, 2006

Here I am in the very quaint and very musical haven of Vicoria, B.C. doing a songwriter workshop and performance. Wayne is always welcoming and has been with L&M for some time. He is always very welcoming.

April, 2006

Tonight is the night of the Awards Party for the #1 song I wrote with Boom for his first solo CD.

March, 2006

JUNO's in Halifax, NS Smoking pot with the Trailer Park Boys in their trailer at the JUNO's after party in Halifax. It was a dark and rainy night. My shoes were too high and too new, but it was for beauty and the sacrifice was made.

February, 2006

On stage with Bubbles and we are singing with Trooper, Raise a Little Hell. We were all part of a Hockey Puck Ball show. Bob Rock showed up with Payolas.

December, 2005

I am at the North Pole. It's almost Christmas. And here we are walking around on the Arctic Ocean glaciers. The moon is full all day, there is no sign of the sun otherwise than it's reflection off the moon. Yes it is cold. The shows are amazing.

July, 2005

Kingston Ontario. I am playing a festival, opening for Tom Cochrane. I am playing some new songs, trying them out for the upcoming cd, which is taking me an eternity to write, it seems. I have sooo many songs already.

July 1st, 2005

Dubai, here I am again performing on the beach for the troops. Anne Murray's band are performing with me and they are such a joy to work with. Heaven really in musical terms. We spent a couple days in Amsterdam on the way and back and experienced.Dubai is gold. Exotic. Strange. SafeSI think.

December, 2004

Kabul. I am learning to shoot c5's and 7's, I am flying tactically in the Hercules. It is like a Star Wars scene with the added benefit of levitation ad nauseum. I am at the helm, once airbourne. My heart is broken as we tour through the city of Kabul in armoured vehicles, wearing flack jackets and helmets. We stop and are swarmed with smiling children at the grade school where we are distributing pens and desks. Kabul is riddled with landmines. Every building has mortar wounds. I will never be the same again after this trip. The shows are great and the audience cannot be more appreciative and responsive.

December, 2004

Here we are in Zagreb on the way to Dubai. There are a lot of shoes and beautiful people in Zagreb. The women and men are very thin and I think they spend what little money they have on their beautiful exteriors.

December, 2004

Here I am in Montreal, rehearsing for the upcoming shows in Kabul, Afghanistan and Dubai. I feel honoured to do these shows, and grateful to have been chosen.

June 25th, 2004

Did an online interview to appear on very soon. Will let you know. Got to talk about my history. The start of it all. My first cd which got recorded in London England over a 5 month period. Released on EMI Records. The Elton John Birthday party, the blue champagne Annette Ducharme cd release party, the Barry Bonds surprise birthday party I was at in LA, the time when Steven Tyler grabbed his crotch to describe how he felt about my song "Slavery" which he heard while I was recording in what was known as "Little Mountain Studios" as Aerosmith were recording next door to me with Bruce Fairbairn at the helm. Hello Bruce up there... Stay tuned for the interview. It promises to be very telling.

June 24th, 2004

I'm hosting an open mic at the Railway Club in Vancouver tonight and have invited a lot of incredible artists and musicians down. A Perfect Day, Tea & Mike, Steve Eliot and Lucie Walker, Tim Bartsch…… A very big surprise for me is that Michael the magician appeared out of nowhere, as he is want to do at my shows and performed a personal magic trick. The last time I played at the Railway Club, I was onstage and felt the earth tremble. It was an earth tremor or pretty significant magnitude. A very unsettling feeling. Reminding me of our vulnerability as humans. Call from the director of the TV series I auditioned for. Great news!... stay tuned. Hmm, hamster roles in animation voiceover. Also was the sexy female nymph for an EA video game.

June 18, 2004

Been doing lots of auditioning for animation characters and a TV series and a couple of films. Getting cast!!!!. Hooked up with a voice-over agent this week "Wayne Bernard" from Deborah Harry Agency.

June 10th, 2004

Headlined a show at The Media Club in Vancouver. I played solo and a few numbers with Joe Hrechka from Perfect Day and drummer Jay Deachman. I love playing acoustic at this moment more than anything. Been writing so many songs lately. It is pouring out of me. Been writing with myself and also with Ryan from WINSTON, and Joe Hrechka from PERFECT DAY. I am onto doing duetsMy plan is to do a Duet CD, a rock CD and a very personal acoustic CD right now with the songs coming out rapid fire. What? Am I dying or something? Always of course.

June 8th, 2004

I held this songwriter workshop at Long and McQuade in Victoria, B.C. It seems that Daniel Langois was just here doing an impromptu concert in the middle of a Saturday afternoon and they are still buzzing about it. The turnout was incredible, packed really with wide-eyed song writers. I was quite taken aback and started speaking with saying that we should never take these songs for granted, they are gifts and started to cry. Wow, got so emotional and then my nose started to bleed for the next 20 minutes. God, I was really feeling it. But the room was filled with some kind of intensity that I just got a little sensitive, crazy maybe. I had a great time singing a few songs.

May, 2004

Finishing up songs for the film "Tell Tale Heart". The songs are "The Mess I'm In", which occurs during the chain saw scene. O yes, very pretty shades of red. And "Abductee" from the Talented Girl cd is on the end credits. Director, Tom Raycove is writing the script for "Marilyn" which will shoot in the fall Guess who will star as "Marilyn"? Right... moi.

April, 2004

My song Nicotine is in the film "Thirteen" with Holly Hunter which won at the Sundance Film Festival and now is up for an Oscar. They play the song quite extensively midway through the film, while they are walking through the midway/arcade, outside the movie theatre. Nicotine is also on the film soundtrack cd put out by Nettwerk Records, internationally. It also got placed in the Anna Nicole Show along with a few more ANET songs in the past year. It is also featured in the Sport's Network film "Hard road" and a couple of video games as well...

February, 2004

The UK version of "Talented Girl" is being released in the UK and Europe will follow. There is talk of a promo tour in the summer or fall of this year. Great. Label: TB Records who are finalizing distribution with BMG.

January, 2004

A song that I wrote with LA based "Fisher" is on Star Search. Great.

September, 2003

Started acting classes with Shea Hampton. It's time to re-enter the world I have ignored for a while. Aside from all the videos I was lead in Marat Sade in Winnipeg, a long time ago after my university degree in Drama. The total switch to music left me wanting. Here I go.

August 2003

In Windsor for the funeral of my brother in law. He died the night of the blackout. Very dark night for us all. It is frightening how vulnerable we are. Of course my first thought is that it's a terrorist attack. Am I programmed to that degree?

July, 2003

Been doing lots of writing. Co-writing lately. Working with Anne Murray's daughter, Dawne - Tea and Mike - Joe Hrechka from Perfect Day - Ryan from Winston - Rob Lulich from Rymes With Orange. Starting another side of Annette Ducharme cd "The Duets".

June 14th, 2003

I have a solo performance in White Rock at Sawbuck's. Great little summer gig. There is actually a huge white rock in White Rock on the beach next to the railroad tracks.

June 9th, 2003

Harley's and Hi Fashion. Solo performance at Bian Variani's Fashion Extravaganza at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver.. Tons of press.

June 8th, 2003

I've just spent the last week writing with Jim Vallance, guru of song. Amazing how such an extreme talent can be so humble, humbly insane really. What a great experience with me. I feel the presence of the force when I'm writing with him. I love it. The walls are covered with awards and multi-diamond awards, Aerosmith, Adams... not to mention his original Ozzie Ozbourne art in the bathroom. Only Jim has a shower full of guitars, cases. The song we wrote is admirable. It is for a Quebec artist named Jonas.

May 2003

I am writing a very very sad song for my sister in law's funeral. I have waited for the last possible moment to finish the song and sent it along the eve of the funeral. Sharon is such a special light to me. My brother Roland is a sobbing basket case and the least I can do for him is give him this song he has asked for. It's poignant and I keep balling while it's pouring out of me. It's called One Day At a Time. I wanted to write a huge ballad and this is what came of that wish. So personal it hurts. Next Day. New York City Time Square, BB King's on 42nd Street. I feel honoured to have sung on that stage. Singing at the top of our lungs in the square at 4 in the morning day of show and no one's listening but the very disgusted beat cops with this look like we are some pathetic tourists with the "New York New York" chant. It was sad but I make no apologies. Next Day Drove all night to Chicago. I love Chicago. And I love to got the Institute of Art which has the biggest French Impressionist Collection in the world. My absolute favourite art. Close to my heart. I feel I was there. I feel it as part of my own heritage as my family the Ducharmes came from Champagne in France. Not a wonder I love to consume the elixir. We did a show at The House Of Blues. How amazing a venue, gilded gold, 3-tiered theatre. Stunning, gaudy, southern, Ann Rice vampirism feel to it. A vibe I love to imbibe. The show was incredible. When Tom sings Sunset he reminds the crowd how I wrote the song and how he feels an affinity to it as if he'd written it himself. That makes me feel so worthwhile, to hear the appreciation. It is everything. Thank you Tom.

April, May 2003

Tom Cochrane for the first time invited me to open for him. I did so as part of the tour starting in Detroit. Close to home after all and so my family in Windsor got to come out and see me play for a change. Yeah, that is so special to me. We all got to spend some intimate time afterwards on the tour bus. Close to 8 mile the home stomping grounds of M&M. It is very bizarre, eerie and real. The streets are bare, dark, black at night. Things get ripped off, people get hit. I grew up very close to car jacking central. A Way of Life. Not pretty but real.

April 2003

Singing backups for Tom Cochrane at the Commodore Ballroom and at the Vogue Theatre. Great responsive audience. I am also shooting an EPK at the moment and Tom said some amazing things about me for my EPK. Great. Looking forward to finishing it.

April 8, 2003

Show in Edmonton at the Vodka Bar. Pre-show for the University gig tomorrow. Also a book signing for Chris Ducharme, bright new poet, who is not my relative, as far as I can research, probably we are very very distant cousins.

April 9, 2003

Acoustic show at Concordia University, grand piano and acoustic guitar. This is the beginning of my acoustic shows which I am switching to for a while. I want to feel the personal nature of singing for a moment. I love to rock but I need to feel the intimate, sensuality of closeness.

December 20th 2002

Mike Bullard Show. Live performance on the Bullard Show. And live interview. Mike is very funny when he adlibs. Myself and the band performed "Talented Girl". I answered all the questions correctly on the guest quiz. Amazingly and won a set of stainless steel cookware. My My! Just what every musician needs. That was a great time and just before Christmas too. Nice gift.

December 18th 2002

Club 360 with the band in Toronto

December 13th, 2002

We are playing a promo show at Club 360 in Toronto for EMI who is distributing the cd, which is currently licensed through SEXTANT Records in Canada. I love this club. Got some great shots for the website.

December 9th, 2002

B Side Room in Toronto with the band. EMI came out, the president, A&R, promo…..Manager came along too.

November 2002

We've been doing shows in places such as The B Side Room, Toronto – Zaphod Beeblebrox in Ottawa – Le Swimming in Montreal – Joe's in Burlington

November 7, 2002

Show in Victoria at "Soundgarden". Got the new posters today too! Love it. I love this band. What a night! Victoria is a very mystical place in its heart. There's something very unique about it, being on the west coast, being an island.

October 29th, 2002

I have got together an amazing West Coast band with Patrick Aldous on drums, Tony Marriott on bass and Kevin Coles on guitar. What a special band. I don't know why I waited so long to play in my own back yard. It's fun here too. Most of the show have been in the east of the country, which is where I come from. Our first show is at the ROYAL on Granville tonight. Great turnout. Great sound. Mariana's Trench opened for us.

August 2002

We are playing live on CANADA AM. In Toronto. Great. Get to get up at 4 in the morning to be on set and ready to rock at 6:30 am. Great experience. Love the camera. I have only one piece of advice for myself, "Stay up all night or wear shades on these morning shows. Maybe just think of them as late night" It's just too early to be in your body.

July, 2002

Release of the new cd with SEXTANT RECORDS/EMI. Here we go. Signed a new deal for this cd and ready to share it with the world.

June 2002

ACCESS MAGAZINE is featuring ANET in a 2 page colour spread for the entire month.

Feb. 4th . 2002

Same hospital, same room, same surgeon, same cold temperature, rock music playing again, count backwards from 10 to 1. I get as far as 10. Out like a light. Jet lagged and anaesthetized. Ultimate flying. My knee feels a lot better.

Jan/Feb, 2002

Trip to London,UK. to do some writing and meet friends. My foot is wounded. I cannot walk. Lucky for me people are kind. The trip from France is interesting. Some kind Dutch couple are helping me out to get my luggage around through the gates. Angels are there when you need them. My sweet friend Henrietta and her husband Oliver pick me up at Heathrow and off we go to their 11,000 acre spread upon which sits a manor originally given to the landowner by Edward the Confessor in 1066. There is a hall where they had town meetings and services and all remains original. Highland cattle, lovely countryside in Suffolk. Got to see lots of plays on this stay and also stayed in the heart of London with a friend Hugh Gage. Met up with writer Martin Sutton with Sanctuary Publ. to concoct a smashing dance tune. Friend of Chris Pelcer in Nashville who introduced me. Met with labels, publishers and promoters. All part of the whirlwind tour. While on the subway got a cal l from Canada. Surgery for my knee scheduled for Feb. 5th. I get home on the 4th.

Jan 17, 2002

After a month of non-stop phoning, faxing, hustling, internetting and sheer madness of preparation I am now peacefully on the plane heading for Amsterdam, on my way to the French Riviera to hit the MIDEM conference in Nice. Wow, that was an intense month. I'm very excited but really exhausted all at once. I didn't sleep anyway, too wound. France was a whirlwind, I mean the conference. Lot of walking and meeting so many labels and publishers and music business people, lots of late night parties and wildness and general chaos. Thanks to Lance Keltner and Mark Younger-Smith my Texan cohorts I had a touchstone to reality. It was only on the last night of the event that we actually got to see a little of Cannes besides the beautiful seaside. We wandered up to this old castle, which was at the end of this narrow climbing road, and it was lit by a full moon, a heartening spectacle. Cannes is pretty, romantic, charming. I could live there. I ended up spraining my ankle, either from the 16 hour days of non-stop walking or I think maybe the sheets were so frenched and I forgot to unleash them one night. Owee. I hobbled my way to the plane headed for UK.

July, 2001

Made a trip to LA, Nashville and did lots of writing, went to Barry Bond's birthday party... more to come...

April, 2001

Flew into Bonn on a military airbus with the band and Farmer's Daughter, a magician, dancers and a handful of other people. The trip over was so amazing because I spent half the time in the cockpit with the pilot checking out the flight instruments and many planes over head and below flying along the same sky path. That's impressive to be on somewhat of a skyway up there with planes you can actually see in the dead of night. Got to check out the cathedral in Cologne and a few art galleries and not sleep to catch up on the time difference, that works for me. Flying over Eritrea and seeing Africa, well actually I have been to northern Africa once in my life on my way to Morocco, all you could see was that earth colour, dried up streams and not trace or water. It was very hot there up to 50 degrees centigrade, but you had to wear a jacket at night, it was a lot colder. Land of wonder, children with smiles as big as their faces, so much poverty, too many la nd mines, the most majestic terrain one could feast one's eyes upon. God is Africa. I was standing in the trenches, riding in 5 million dollar armoured vehicles, playing with sniper weapons and handling rocket launchers and getting an education in the peacekeeping life.

November 7, 2000

Back in the studio to hopefully do the final lead vocal for the new cd. The song is called California Boy and is personally highly emotional . It's a little painful to sing but it's something that I have to get out of my system to carry on. Crazy this is the night of confusion in the US election regarding who will out. And the moon is nearing complete roundness. I feel nuts today and I'm sure this will all come out in the vocal performance.

October 21, 2000

ANET HITS #1 on the Alternative Chart at!!!!! Hitting almost 3,000 downloads a day. This is ssss000 hard to do. The fan numbers are growing wildly I want to thank everyone who is into my music. It is so rewarding. Thank God for small miracles. This communication thing is truly amazing.

October 5, 2000

Into Mushroom Studios, the one John Wonsiak from Marcy's Playground owns, to record 3 more punky songs for the cd. I just wasn't happy yet with the songs and the more time goes by the more songs keep popping to the surface and of course they are always better and so Randall Stoll and Tony Marriot and Will from Templar came in with me to bang them off. They are so bad!! It was so fast and furious and fun, really fun! It brings out the maniac in everyone, recording like at warp speed. Now I think I am happy.

September 24, 2000

So on the way home I am barelling at unseemly speed, not safe, not recommended, don't try this at home, and of course the firestone tire on the explorer blows and I have to get way over 5 lanes of freeway in a split second. No time to panic or even think about being scared. But a cop was there in a flash and actually pretty helpful at helping Marlow and me find the jack. It's so not analog this vehicle and everything is hidden and precise and I guess makes sense but not to my ludite brain when it comes to this. Meanwhile back on track and the border guard nearly stripped us, well it feels that way when they get into your underwear and stuff. But it was a beautiful sunny day.

September 23, 2000

So we headed to Portland for a show at NXNW. What a beautiful day for a drive. I have never actually explored Portland before but it not that different than Vancouver scenery wise in that it is laden with bridges and is a port on the west coast. Marlow, the soulful, Pisces like me bass player came along and we had a hyper good show with great audience participation. We discovered this gem of an art gallery on 1st street with a collection of the finest modern art I have ever seen from the entire globe. If you ever get down there you have to go.

July 13/14, 2000

We got up fucking early & headed to Montreal for the first Mp3.Com Club Tour date with Emily Richards at Club Zone. It was a short drive, 6 hours, in terms of how long between venues in Canada a drive can be. Still, being in a van that long does stiffen the posterior. Summer rocks and the signs are in French. You can walk down the street with a glass of beer. Montreal is a great city. In spite of the mix up in venues (rescheduled for the 2nd time) we had a fun show. No sleep got us going to Toronto, all leaning and sleeping against whatever in the van except Chris who drove, we drove directly to the Reverb in Toronto and had an amazing show. I felt like a goddess in spite of the spewing and drugged out madness I had to experience from the guitarist the previous night in Montreal. What is it with guitar players? I thank God for talent & the opportunity to share it. I have the best supportive fans. Chris is a non-conformist, crowd rousing ANET junkie & I love him for that. He heads the ANET fan club. I made such wonderful friends on the shows. Emily was sweet and powerful and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. But I am saddened to hear of the death of her sister caused by a drunk driver. So harsh. I feel very bad for all of her family who have to suffer such emotional trauma. I wish for them that we could reverse time and bring Annie back.

July 22, 2000

ANET WINS BATTLE OF THE BANDS AND GETS TO PLAY ON THE WARPED TOUR!!!!! Wow!! We got to play on one of the Warped Tour stages at Molson Park in Barrie on Saturday. Green Day, The Mighty Mighty Bostones, Bif Naked, Jurassic 5ČČ.After doing our show I got to hang backstage with Bif and manager Peter. There's talk of taking us on a Canadian tour with Bif, Treble Charger & Limblifter. I am excited. Time to head back to Vancouver to finish up the new cd & get ready for action. But not before I get down to Windsor to see my family in the city of Ducharme (there are so many of us). I got to frolic in a hot tub full of bubble bath suds piled way too high with my sweetly demonic nephews Rob and Kevin. That was fun and there was slolom skiing, wakeboarding going on behind JP's boat. Windsor, I love it. It will always be home no matter where I roam.

July 24, 2000

I am on a plane heading back to Van, drinking a beer a strange but friendly person bought me. The heavens are awe-inspiring from up here, I love to meditate on planes and I think the constant roar of the engines is soothing and mesmerizing all at once. I contemplate about all the labels and publishers and writers I met with in the past two weeks and I smile because everyone loves the new songs. & I think to myself maybe I should try not to be such a bitch to myself when it comes to being satisfied with my work. Right now I just want to hold a finished cd in front of me and say: That's great!!!!!

July 12, 2000

We made it through the last rehearsal. It felt kinda crazy, however I'm a believer of "bad rehearsal equals great show". Travelling from Toronto to Hamilton each day happens at a crawl speed at best and tends to suck the life out of you but in spite of it I'm charged like mad.

July 8, 2000

Great 1st rehearsal in a matchbox, intimate and unforgiving. Band sounds great. The bass player & drummer from Chore, an alt/metal band, are filling in for Stu and Ken. Chris and Mike Bell are solid, sweet & dedicated musicians. We bonded instantly and again my neurosis level soared in a downward direction.

July 7, 2000

Ok my first day for rehearsals in Hamilton got screwed up because of the drummer having some crazy double schedule. I'm trying not to lose it.

July 6, 2000

As I board the plane for Toronto, my neurosis level is finally flattened after a week of apprehension about whether or not the airline will strike and completely fuck up my CLUB MP3.COM SUMMER TOUR shows. Chaos. I'm plotting and scheming in my mind about the shows out east in Montreal and Toronto, looking at my tight schedule, wondering how I will get time to buy shoes too. No, not really, but I do love shoes. OK yes. I love summer. Right now I can only dream about swimming and wakeboarding and climbing up mountains cause I have no time. I love music too much.

May 22, 2000

Today I bonded with nature, climbed to the top of the Grouse Grind in the midst of recording the new cd. There is no time but it is very important to me to drink in the atmosphere and nurture the spirit within, the one that writes songs, the one that gets moody. As I climb towards the top of the mountain, a mile and a half straight up, I meditate as music infiltrates and finds expression with the rhythm of my sweating body. I can hear the peculiar sounds of the grouse, kinda resembling the bellow from a bottle you blow into. It is agonizing ectasy, this masochistic yet rewarding feat and when it is over there is a supreme sigh of accomplishment and relief. Yea! I love it! And so back to the sessions. Today Jo came into the studio and played reckless abandon on the song we wrote together. I am thankful for the gift of music. I don't know what I'd do without it now. Although I'm in the middle of a seemingly endless recording, I still need to write and the urge is nagging constantly. Guess I have a lot to say.

July 01, 2000

Made a trip to LA, Nashville and did lots of writing, went to Barry Bond's birthday party... more to come...

April 01, 2000

Flew into Bonn on a military airbus with the band and Farmer's Daughter, a magician, dancers and a handful of other people. The trip over was so amazing because I spent half the time in the cockpit with the pilot checking out the flight instruments and many planes over head and below flying along the same sky path. That's impressive to be on somewhat of a skyway up there with planes you can actually see in the dead of night. Got to check out the cathedral in Cologne and a few art galleries and not sleep to catch up on the time difference, that works for me. Flying over Eritrea and seeing Africa, well actually I have been to northern Africa once in my life on my way to Morocco, all you could see was that earth colour, dried up streams and not trace or water. It was very hot there up to 50 degrees centigrade, but you had to wear a jacket at night, it was a lot colder. Land of wonder, children with smiles as big as their faces, so much poverty, too many la nd mines, the most majestic terrain one could feast one's eyes upon. God is Africa. I was standing in the trenches, riding in 5 million dollar armoured vehicles, playing with sniper weapons and handling rocket launchers and getting an education in the peacekeeping life.

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