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Here's what other's have to say about Anet...

"That girl has a special talent"

- John Lee Hooker

"I have covered songs by only 2 artists in my recording career, Leonard Cohen and Annette Ducharme. That should tell you the the kind of high regard I have for Anet as a writer...her prolific energy and conviction never cease to amaze me."

- Tom Cochrane

"I think that Anet is a great writer and an intense performer. This girl rocks and I can not believe a major label has not snagged her up!"

- Clay Myers-CAA Nashville

"Stellar songwriting, excitable pop and varied emotions infect every song. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!"


"ANET is a unique artist and songwriter, in the very best and most extensive use of the word. Her vocal and performance style is quirky, witty, seductive and embracing. Her melodies are rich and ethereal, yet always accessible; while her lyrics are the ultimate visual experience-full of colour and black and white and contrasting images and thoughts in many dimensions. She rocks, she smoulders and she challenges on every track she records. She is a perfectionist yet she is an unpolished gem. ANET IS a unique talent."

- Frank Davies

A n e t Spells It Out By Allison Jones

"FEATURED ARTIST MP3.COM" Full of dimension and diversity, Anet is a four-piece band that loves to have a good time. Performing an array of songs ranging from sweet and sensitive to edgy and this band has a little something for everyone. Anet (vocals) is the Diamond Award-winning singer / songwriter of "Sinking Like a Sunset" from Tom Cochrane's multiplatinum album "Mad Mad World." A two-time winner of the Socan (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) Songwriter Award for song of the year, she also has been nominated for a Juno (Canada's version of the Grammy) in addition to various awards and accolades throughout the world.

Her song, "Tortured," is prominently featured in the smash-hit sum mer film "Urban Legend," as well as on the original soundtrack album. After writing for Amanda Marshall and jamming with Steven Tyler and John Lee Hooker, Anet clearly shines as a songwriter as well as an artist. This is where her diversity comes in. Like a roller coaster Anet's songs take different turns while fans scream for more.

With all this, she still flies 3,000 miles from Vancouver to Toronto to work with the band comprised of Stu Fazekas (drums), Ken Corke (bass), Jamie Lizmore (guitars) and Vince Sciara (keyboards). Although Anet has her plate permanently full, she and the band are now releasing her fourth album, which is due for worldwide release next spring. Long hours and distance have gone into the album, and the band feels optimistic their hard work will pay off. If past performance is any indication of how this album will turn out, you're in for a treat. Stellar songwriting, excitable pop and varied emotions infect every song. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

- Allison Jones

"The girl has pure sex in her voice"

- The Jace/

"Loud, soft, smooth, raw, Tortured is the quintessential modern day alternative rock song"


"Anet's voice - she has a weird loud-soft dynamic and also a good sense of melody"

- Gonk at

"Sex.Stress.Sincerity-Anet is one of the world's undiscovered gems. She touches so many nerves in your body and spirit with her songs. It is not background music. Listen to her!!"

- / Germany April 28, 2000

Anet has a talent for combining heavy, brooding yet energetic textures with edgy melodies that twist into playful curls and swirls. The songs on Tortured are well produced, solid tracks, featuring 'intelligently wasted' lyrics and littered with sophisticated string sections. The entire effect is quite stunning. Standouts are tracks like the straight ahead 'Normal', which has the catchy lyric "i'm normal cuz i'm all screwed up", a lyric that sums up one the themes of this record.

Anet explores some of the more disturbed and troubled mental delusions ("i want to be your whore") and she does this with humor and candid honesty "don't bug me cuz i'm dealing with my problems"). Another standout is 'Realness' which has a more soothing yet strung out tone, and showcases Anet's powerfully unique the best, as it is mixed quite upfront.

Your attention is drawn to her playful, affected style of pronunciation and singing that tickles your insides. Other favorites are 'Tortured”, the crunchy guitar driven, anthemic title track. There are also songs here that grow on you with repeated listens, especially 'Stop Shooting Me', a poetic rant that floats over heavy guitars and cool weaving violin. This is a lushly textured, creative record and Anet is clearly doing what she loves.

Rating: *****

- Karen / Estrogen Music May 12, 2001

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