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It’s not exactly easy to get a handle on what sort of artist Annette Ducharme wants to be. As a songwriter in the early ’90s, she penned hits for Cancon heavyweights like Lawrence Gowan and Tom Cochrane.

Later that decade, she transformed herself into an edgy alt-rocker—fire up the video for “Tortured” if you’re looking for something that would sound perfect sandwiched between Curve’s “Fait Accompli” and Garbage’s “Only Happy When It Rains” on that millennial-angst playlist. More recently, Ducharme has been belting out arias by Verdi and Donizetti with Opera Pro Cantanti.

Wreck•Age doesn’t really sound like any of the above. Rather, it’s an immaculately crafted collection of songs that tend to fall squarely into the adult-contemporary category.